The South Herefordshire Golf Club


If you’re interested in joining one of the most prestigious golf clubs in the UK, then you must give serious consideration to the South Herefordshire Golf Club. This club is located only 5 miles from the town of Ross-on-Wye, and it features an 18-hole championship course. In addition to the challenging course it provides, it contains a flood-lit driving range, a 9-hole par 3 course and a putting area. The par 3 course is well-suited for honing your skills and getting in valuable practice time. This allows you to work on your short game without having to pay a fee to play an entire round of 18 holes. It is a perfect option for those times when you just need to play golf, but are limited on time.

South Herefordshire Golf Club is so much more than a golf course, however. They allow members to host events such as Christmas parties as well! Their holiday parties are extremely accommodating, as they offer a glass of champagne and a 3-course meal as part of the festivities. Live entertainment is a big par of the festivities as well, and you can book a party for the months of November and December. Their party night menu features some of the best cuisine that you can dream of, including delicious mango and other fruits, turkey dinners and much more. You’ll be impressed with the service and friendly atmosphere if you book your next party at this wonderful club.

This club is unlike any other because you are truly getting the best instruction possible. PGA professionals can assist you in every aspect of your game. They are willing to work with novice players, as well as more experienced golfers. Take advantage of some of the great deals they provide throughout the year. Currently they are offering 6 lessons for the price of 5. You stand the chance of gaining a wealth of knowledge from these lessons, and their PGA pros will be more than happy to see you succeed. There are different divisions of group instruction to choose from as well, such as the ladies’ group and junior group. Visit the pro shop as well, where Paul Middleton will assist you in getting the equipment that is perfectly suited for your game.

There are incredible benefits to becoming a member at South Herefordshire Golf Club. You can experience unlimited golf on the 18 hole and par 3 courses, capitalize on great value for the money, play in competitions and much more. They boast several different membership options as well, such as full member, 28-30 years member and 5-day membership fees.

Chose the 5-day fee if you would like to give South Herefordshire Golf Club a try without spending too much money up front. Chances are you will upgrade your membership anyway once you realize how great it is to be a part of this club. Stop by the South Herefordshire Golf Club today to find out more regarding seasonal discounts on membership fees.