Golf Courses In The UK


If you’re a resident of the UK, or simply passing through during a wonderful family vacation, then you must check out one of the fine golf courses that this area has to offer. The landscape, coupled with unpredictable weather patterns during the fall and winter months, makes this area a premier destination for anyone who is seeking the ultimate challenge in golf. You can choose from thousands of courses located throughout this beautiful, sprawling region. Their courses are perfect for more experienced golfers, but amateurs will find that there are great courses for them as well.

The UK is home to some of the very best that golf has to offer. England, in particular, is a mecca for many golf enthusiasts. This is due to the fact that the country has rolling hills and wonderful natural barriers which make the game of golf both fun and challenging. Golf courses such as Sunningdale, Royal Birkdale, Royal St. Georges and others, provide unique challenges unlike anywhere else in the world and have world class shops with the best branded golf equipment such as the superb golf drivers which is used by the professionals. Seasoned PGA pros find many of England’s courses to be more than challenging. It is a good idea to play with someone who has experience playing these courses, rather than to decide to go at it alone.

Once you decide to plan a golf outing in the UK, it is important to check for weather patterns in the area. The weather can be quite unpredictable, so choosing your playing dates wisely is of utmost importance. Wind is probably the single-most challenging issue when it comes to playing golf in the UK. Winds can easily rise and achieve gusts of up to 30-40 mph in no time. This makes playing on windy days far more challenging than usual. If you must play during these types of conditions, make sure that you bring enough golf balls because there is a good chance that the wind will steer a few shote wayward!

Booking a golf trip to the UK does not have to be a challenge, but make sure that you do so ahead of time. Sometimes booking a month in advance is not enough time to secure a playing spot. Also, it is important to check on which courses are open to the public, as some of them are designated as membership only courses. However, the public courses are certainly worth your time, as most of them are championship caliber. Checking on these issues far in advance erases the chance for issues upon your arrival.

After you book your golfing trip in the UK you should look into the many different golf academies located in the area. You can find some of the most incredibly talented instructors at the best schools in this location. PGA tour pros often run these establishments and they provide incredible golf instruction at an affordable price. Check on academy vacancies ahead of time and you just might pick up some tips from some of the best golfers that this area had to offer.